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”Best training toy of the year, 2000-ever"

Boxbollen, you have to try it!

Improves reflexes, concentration and body control. Challenging, addictive and childish fun. Take a break from sitting and
clear your head.

Improve focus, reflexes and body control

- or just have fun 😁

Put the headband on, start punching the ball and avoid getting hit. Stay focused while improving your eye-hand-coordination, reflexes and body control. Everybody can become a real BOXBALLER πŸ† 

Train anywhere, with people you like ❀️

Challenge family and friends, but above all yourself!

Boxbollen will bring joy and laughter to any situation, may it be family gatherings, parties, at work, on the first date, chilling in the hood, bored at home, you name it.

Challenge your co-worker, best friend, children, husband, wife or parent, what about grandma πŸ‘΅πŸΌ? 

Move your body, make it sweat πŸ’¦

Take a break from sitting, clear your head and burn some fat πŸ”₯

Can’t make it to the gym today? No worries. πŸ€œπŸ”΄

A light cardio workout or high-intensity intervals, you choose! Boxbollen is your perfect training partner. Complement your other training such as running, boxing, yoga, weight training, basketball and other sports.  

Pro tip: Having problem to solve that problem at work? Take 10 minutes with Boxbollen and try again.

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